Gérard Renouf

Martin Keller born 1961 in Switzerland. Computer Specialist. Atelier in Mulhouse (France). Exhibitions in France, Switzerland, Austria, Japan and Hongkong. Workshops with school-classes in Bad Ischl (A), Mulhouse (F) and Rheinfelden (CH).

Timeless vibrations of time :
A clockwork is made up of infinetely invisible components which are harmonously tuned to announce the time. This purely mecanical teamwork is conditioned by forms which, if strongly magnified, assume huma shapes. Time creates form. Time begins vibrating and appears timeless.

The figures of Martin Keller, in harmony or in disharmony, keep on moving and communicate. Fields of tension come into being and are put into relief by the use of black and white. Colourful accents are added. Life has been breathed into lifeless clockwork.

publication : Die Uhr - Urwelt  - a story - written not only for childrens with the contributions of school - classes in Bad Ischl (A), Mulhouse (F) and Rheinfelden (CH). Verlag Atelier Spiserhus. . 16 pages - 5 US$ port incl.

Franz S. Mrkvicka born 1950 in Vienna.  1954 first drawing lessons and 1962 winner of a 2nd prize in an Indian competition for young people. 1964 - 69 studies as engineer. 1970 move t o Passau and first exhibitions. Since 1982 intensive studies of masks. 1984 experiments with changing pictures. 1986 series of light - heavy pictures. Many journeys to Venice.  1993 renewed interest in masks -1998 exhibition Museum for Modern Art in Passau, 1999 Rytmogram Bad Ischl (A), Galerie Vesse Aigues Mortes (F) and Atelierspiserhus Rheinfelden (CH).

many publications : e.g. MASKEN - MASQUES - MASKS - Verlag Atelier Spiserhus
in German, French and English, 56 pages,  20 US $ port incl.

Jan Niksinski born 1952 in Poland, Studies in Gdansk, Warsaw and Vienna. Atelier in Warsaw. Exhibitions in Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and Yugoslavia.

Jan Niksinski about relativiy and rythm : In comparison to the real world, relativity of art is situated along a parallel dimension. Art refers to the same objects we are aware in daly life, but transmutes them into another environment. this is the relativitiy of art. Even more important for art is rythm, called timing by the musicians, Rythm must assume in art an individual (and relative) form.

Shail Choyal Painter, printmaker and Professor of Art in Udaipur (India), A versatile artist well known for his distinct niniaturic style in the idiom of the narrative and peforming traditions of Rajasthan through the juxtaposition of the allegorical with the real. Encounters with human beings and animals, a living together in harmony in a dreamlikem but genuine environment. Many prestigious awards in India and aboraod.

Arthur Azevedo born 1935 in Harare (Zimbabwe) . 1956 went to Rome with the intention of becoming a Catholic priest and for 6 years studied philosophy and theology, His interest in art was confined to painting. Retunring to Zimbabwe in 1962 he took up teaching and startet with metal sculptures. Many exhibitions in Africa and Europe. Publications. Lives and works in Harare.